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NOBIN BANGLADESH is an E-COMMERCE Business Sites of Electronics Goods Seller is owned and operated in Bangladeshi Marketplace. Our office is physically registered at House# 17 Road# Horonath Ghosh Road, PS# Lalbagh,PO# Posta, Dhaka-1211, Bangladesh.And. Please visit our page www.nobinbangladesh.com or you can also call at “01407019955” “01407019944” and email at “nobinbangladesh24@gmail.com”.


The terms & conditions of NOBIN BANGLADESH website are applicable to the “Users” of the site . Here, Organization NOBIN BANGLADESH is presented as Refer the User information as “personal details”.

Nobin Bangladesh has all the rights to change any decision, campaign and promotional offer any time.

Create your Account

You can create your account at NOBIN BANGLADESH to Order any Electronics Goods. NOBIN BANGLADESH have a sessions to check all accounts, and if need to unlock others steps to receive all the features and support to create & sell their unique opportunities. The same way anyone can create their account and NOBIN BANGLADESH has the right to reject any account if there is any circumstances occurs or held by user’s.

Registration: To register at our website, you must be

  • Choose a username according to our rules, like 1 uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and Smileys maximum 8 characters.
  • If you provide wrong information we have the authority to suspend your user account without any prior notice.
  • You are requested to keep your account username and password confidential to yourself.
  • If you find that anyone else is using your account, inform us about the fact by contacting our support team.
  • You have full authority to share your credentials with others, but we will not be held liable for it.

Users who are purchasing Product from NOBIN BANGLADESH are referred to as “Buyer/Customer/Consumer”

  • Product displayed and sold through NOBIN BANGLADESH website are solely the property of NOBIN BANGLADESH.
  • Warranties or guarantees will be offered by NOBIN BANGLADESH as you have to Contact us by given mentioned number and service center.
  • Please check out the following payment details: Make payment using Mastercard/ Mobile Banking’s/ Visa card/ Bank Payment System, Credit or Debit Card.
  • Please phone our customer advisor to confirm your order and you can also knock us for support.

Product Pricing

Product prices are set based on NOBIN BANGLADESH demand, promotional policies and services; sometimes we may offer discounts on the basis of a situation or an event for a specific span of time.

Payment Model

NOBIN BANGLADESH Mentioned for you Various Payment Module.


When you purchase any Product, you are agreeing to pay the fees exactly as it is on the website through Mobile Banking, Visa card, Mobile Wallet or Mastercard. But if your payment fails because of any illegal or unauthorized activity, you agree to pay the corresponding fee within the next 7 days OF CLAIM FROM NOBIN BANGLADESH.


One’s Purchase then 72 Hours’ time to inform NOBIN BANGLADESH Contact Person for refund. for need refund analyzing everything and Confirm Right and Reserved by NOBIN BANGLADESH you can contact support team, we will check and take action according to the refund policy. As per our agreement, refund credit in case of those issues and after review within next 30 days, NOBIN BANGLADESH will refund the credit of 90% from your product amount. But if we find that you are misusing the Refund Policy, we have full right to suspend your account without any prior notice.

Content Disclaimer

The content on the Sites, including all text, information, software, technology, data, logos, marks, designs, text, graphics, pictures, audio and video files, other data or copyrightable materials or content, and their selection and arrangement, is referred to herein as "Content

  • Content uploaded, displayed, or posted by Users, whether they are Instructors or Students, is referred to herein as “User Content.”
  • As a Customer you can ask questions to your instructors, post and submit feedback without harming someone’s and company ethics.
  • You may also have to submit your “Complains” or “Suggestion”.
  • You have no right to post any abusive content or any information that is not yours.
  • As a User, you can create and submit your Opinion on our platform, we can communicate with you in short time.
  • You cannot post any course or contents that violate any type of law or regulations.
  • We can suspend your account for any unlawful content and if you violate any of the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.

Links to third party website

When you are using our platform, you may link to other sites that we don’t own or control. You are responsible for identifying and verifying the trustworthiness of any such third-party contents. NOBIN BANGLADESH assumes no liability for verifying, and makes no warranties regarding, the identity, or authenticity of the content of any such third-party communications.

Our Rights

Nobin Bangladesh has all the rights to change any decision, campaign and promotional offer any time.

All the Services, software, property, contents, images, logo, APIs, databases, etc included in and available at the website www.nobinbangladesh are exclusively owned by NOBIN BANGLADESH. They are protected and secured by copyright law, trademark, and watermark and licensed by only NOBIN BANGLADESH. We have full authority to change, update or reproduce any property of NOBIN BANGLADESH.

So, you must follow and maintain the underneath code of conduct

  • You should maintain respectful behavior when using our service or platform.
  • During the usage of our site, you are agreeing not to break any national, federal or international law.
  • NOBIN BANGLADESH have the rights to monitor, edit, and remove all the conducts, comments or contents submitted by you.
  • Do not try to interfere with NOBIN BANGLADESH Security system.
  • Do not reproduce, copy, modify or plagiarize the contents, graphics or other intellectual property of NOBIN BANGLADESH.
  • We can suspend your account for any unlawful content and if you violate any of the terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.
  • Trying to access our services through any unlawful means, spider, robot, sending a virus, spam, etc. we have full authority to ban your IP, Browser and system etc.
  • Do not use any harmful or exploiting comments against any user, NOBIN BANGLADESH or about our services etc.

NOBIN BANGLADESH Property/ Copyright Policy

  • Text, materials, trademarks, logos, images and everything on our website are protected by copyright license and will remain under the ownership of NOBIN BANGLADESH in any circumstances.
  • You are not allowed to use this content commercially without the prior permission of instructory.net or, copy, reproduce, distribute and share with third party.
  • If you get any information about the violation of our terms and condition, you are agreeing to alert us immediately.
  • All rights are reserved for our Business property.
  • We are not only concerned about our copyright issues, but also respect the rights of Business property of others. So if you find your content being copied or used you are requested to report a copyright infringement claim. NOBIN BANGLADESH authority will review and monitor your complaint.

Limited Liability

In legal, we will not be liable for any damages related to loss of data, revenue, profits, personal injury or death and even if we’ve been informed of the possibility of damages in advance. www.nobinbangladesh.com will not be responsible to any party for arising claims for usage of copyright content by NOBIN BANGLADESH on our site. All course content are under the NOBIN BANGLADESH Agreement. Upon providing proof of such behavior we have the right to suspend any USER accounts.

Termination of Services

  • NOBIN BANGLADESH holds the right to ban or, suspend accounts for any suspected unlawful activity to law enforcement officials, regulations, or other violation issues relating to Users, User accounts, email addresses and web traffic information.
  • NOBIN BANGLADESH may discontinue any User’s participation on the Site at any time with or without any reason.
  • When we terminate a User’s account, that User’s Content will, shortly thereafter, not appear on the Sites
  • We may also keep the archival copy of User Content even after the termination, and you hereby permit us a non-exclusive license to retain such documentation for our internal business purposes.
  • We have the authority to work together fully with any law enforcement authorities to disclose the identity of anyone publishing any materials through the Sites.
  • We also hold the right to prompt removal of objectionable material after it has been posted.

Changes & Update

We have a legacy, authority and right to change, amend or update the NOBIN BANGLADESH Terms & Conditions at any time, with or without notification. Be with us and NOBIN BANGLADESH is committed to maintaining our terms, rules, and keep the security of your personal data.

** You are requested not to use our services and website if you do not consent with our TERMS & Conditions.


We would highly appreciate hearing any type of comment, feedback, suggestion or question about our products, services and quality. Please feel free to contact us to improve our service and every kind of support.

  • www.nobinbangladesh.com
  • nobinbangladesh24@gmail.com
  • House#17 , Road# Horonath Ghosh Road, PS# Lalbagh, PO# Posta, Dhaka - 1211, Bangladesh.
  • 01407019955 , 01407019944